Wednesday, November 4, 2009

some1 is nobody you would think of

"friends with benefits" or "a friend in need is a friend indeed"

i would not use either of it, cause it is sumthing that i've experience myself. i've been through a rough time lately, and still am. and there has been sum1 that had been supporting me all through the times. she had even been my "nurse", my "chaffeur". i'm so thankful that i have her in my life. i'm not sure that if it's sum1 else it would be the same. i'm really thankful to her, because of her all of my school stuff that i needed to settle are done. i wouldnt b worrying about notes cause her's are one of the most complete i've seen. she's willing to walk 20 mins to school with me just because i'm not yet stable to b on my own. she's the world greatest friend, although she didnt show it to others, but whut she had done for me was miracle. i'm soo thankful that Allah had given me her, sum1 to guide and accompany me during hard & happy time. Alhamdulillah... hopefully i'll go through my recovery sooner than i thought so i could do sumthing for her.. insyaAllah...

ps : i hope u would still be the same.. u're the person that i go through this together with me.. thanx jana.. for everything...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

after 2 mggu = 14 hari = 336 jam = 20160 min = 1209600 saat

ohohoi~ after 2 week = 14 days = 336 hrs = ..... *continue urself, too sleep to copy & paste everything again..ok2, i'm lazy :p* been through most of the thing that i should b.. so the memories are coming back.. noch heimweh? i think so, but heimweh style macho la wey! haha..

so, last week was hectic. the classes were not packed but tertonggeng2 everyday nk siapkan bericht n cari encikcantik!~ adeh, thank god managed to finish it, sehari awal lg. proud of myself, n my housemate's self :) walaupn care anta like sgt x grand, hanye dimasukkan ke dalam postfach *kami ditipu walter, kate kene anta kt die. seb baik re-check ngn sekretariat*, tp kami tetap berbangga! haha..

oooohhhhhhh... the most important date last week was 08.10.2009!~ Nur Liyana Sofea was finally born, after 9 months and dunno how many days in her mama's womb :D i was extremely happy when i first read that she's coming out *thanx azmir* and when she had already came out *thanx abg reza & kamil*. and when kamil posted the pics i was like smiling without stop! haha.. weird huh? dun ask me the reason of my happiness... x blood-related pn, haha.. but i'm happy! so happy that i cannot stop smiling. and i'm happy for kamil & k.nin too~

so for kamil & k.nin, although it had been a week, congratulation of the born of your 1st child. love her & take care of her well, as i know u would. n wait for me to come back next year. cant wait to meet my niece!~ :D here she is, baby sofie~ *sorry abg, i stole her pic again. she's too cute!! :p*
~ Nur Liyana Sofea Mohd Nur Kamil ~

the main activity for last weekend was... jeng jeng jeng... EAT! huu~ eating non stop til ur stomach blow! we organized a small makan2 for offenburger.. ok2, plus 3 karlsruherer specially invited for this event. well, quite suprised that my 1st time recipe turn out pretty well! i was just craving for some rosted chicken *wish 2 be at home, if nk makan bley kluar g kenny rogers je*, and jana wat craving for cream puffs & blackforest cake. so we end up cooking for everyone! :D then on sunday me & ayue went to weingarten for hari raye.. thanx soo much yanie for inviting us!! had fun with u guys, plus krun's cintaku :p

Photobucket Photobucket

hurm.. still undecided about this weekend. should i or should i not go? any1 would like to decide for me? huu~

Thursday, October 1, 2009


my 3rd day in germany.. in offenburg.. and i still dun feel so good about it. reasons? well, perhaps i can pull out a few, logical reasons but they would just b an excuse. n i dun want them to be, so let me just keep it to myself.
so... woke up at 5.47 am today n feel like crying. emo? that whut suNn would hav said. me = zira yg sgt emo :p talked to noreen about it n sumhow she managed to pull me out my own misery (thanx babe, n am not lying about u being more matured). but nothing would go away 100% without ur own effort, so here i am, with about 40% of my 'crying mode' left.. so i sat in front of my pink lappy n browse through my desktop n found some pics.. of people whom i missed so much these days..

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

the memories wont go away :( living in it right now. well, at least b4 school starts. hope things will get better after this.

so... hoping for a new start in this new semester, a new year.. my hopefully last year in getting a degree.. wish myself the best, carrying the hopes n dreams of others on my shoulder, hoping that i would do well.. gambatte jira-chan!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

wochenende trip

body still aching.. still having this 'car'lag (a term that could never b found in a thick pile of paper called dictionary)..well, still sleepy la sebenarnye :p went 2 pekan on friday n just got back yesterday. feeling = happy, jumping around like dobby! *dunno y i really like him* cute? NO! haha.. oohh, b4 anything let's go 2 the kinda award winning part.. *adjusting mic* testing.. testing..

"my special thanx to abg kamil & kak nin.. for ur hospitality.. menumpgkan this homeless girl d rumah kelamin anda for 2 nights.. memberinye makan.. menemaninye membebel tnpa henti ketika die x leh tdo.. danke schön!"

ok, end of speech. oohh, not lying! i couldnt sleep on the 1st nite. n after sahur pn i couldnt sleep gk.. dad said that it's becoz i was too excited in meeting every1. hurm, doubt that. i can sleep perfectly when i'm excited *still remember the 1st time i went to germany. sleeping was like beyond normal :p* but.. perhaps it is 1% correct.. ok2, 20%. well,

* i g0t to meet people i wanted to meet, g0t the chance to bid abg padil, abg E, abg amie & abg black farewell *i didnt get to do it the 1st time*,
* g0t to meet kak itis b4 she's off to sumwhere better *k.itis' resigning. glad i made that trip!*,
* spend time with my band of pep brothers, and
* most importantly.. hmm.. perhaps i shouldnt state this one here ;p but... for u... thanx :)

my trip membuahkan hasil, tho end up nordin x sign pn my report.. i misspelled the word 'comMercial'. haha.. stupid gle rs :p well, inviting them all 2 my house during raya.. hoping all of them would come. majimak insa? ehehe.. n i didnt get duit raya from sudar lg.. got 2 meet him b4 i fly back 2 offenburg *still dun like the idea*

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

crazy person

it's ok if it's a guy... well, it's normal if it's a guy.. but this is a girl! not wanting to tell me her name, or who she is.. then accusing me non-stop of sumthing that i've never done.. pelik gel! scandal ngn abg e? huhu.. wonder where did she get the story.. n how did she knew about me calling him abg e? pretty sure that no one knew.. well, not @ the plant.. n sape je la yg tau i baik with him? gosh!~ weird + wired world..

bia lantok ah.. as long as x kacau my life.. but still x puas ati.. *menahan diri from mnjerit x puas ati since its already midnite n people already sleeping*


my life has been blessed with this song since yesterday.. am i going back 2 where i belong?

anyways, i am serabut! hmm, whut's serabut in english eh? anyways, for all i know this is the outcome of :
1. me not finishing my report yet but wanted 2 go to pekan this friday (which is the day after tomorrow - lusa la tu)
2. the fact that i hav only like 2 weeks more in malaysia n i desperately enjoy staying here thank you very much!
3. i am so going 2 noreen's engagement day although its far away in kelantan, i dun hav a car since imah'll b using it 2 go 2 work, n i'm following edi's rombongan tho i'm supposed 2 b from noreen's side :p, and...
4. the decision i made (me & bro actually.. but i came up with it since it's about me, not him). after thinking about it again & again & again & again.. god, as pathethic as it may sound. anywys, i believe that this is the reason y i kept on searching for the song above *pointing*

hoo.. i hope i would find a way out from this serabutness.. would like to enjoy my remaining minutes here, so please everything serabut.. go away.. shush!

ooohhhh, imah's karipap project has succeeded! got another 2 dozens in the freezer... *proud* wonder when will my lasagna, baked macaroni etc project wud even start ;p

hah, present from noreen.. bought in japan.. waiting for nani 2 translate everything that this cute lil' thingy said.. thanx hun for it! love u~ dun worry, not love in the ice *wink*

Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, September 7, 2009

UTP with hana

a sudden decision + informing parents without asking permission + ayah isi minyak full tank! = me being @ utp with hana for 3 days 2 nights = a big smile. a lot had happend during the 3 days stay. glad i made the decision & thanx baby for having me :) dunno when will we hav the chance 2 hang out like this again. time is running out, less than 3 week i'll b back in offenburg :(


ooh, n because of this trip i get to meet haniz! yeay! lame gle x jumpe ko. we stayed in malaysia for equally 7 months but only in the last month that we get 2 c each other. but glad we met yesterday.. n ur mama is soo nice. nnt la bile2 nk dtg lg umah ko. cm best je lepak ipoh skali skale.. ehehe..

picked up my new spec just now. nice, but hav not wear it yet. too lazy to take off my contact lenses.